Mr. Pawan Raj Joshi, a luminary in the art and entertainment industry since 2013 based in Nepal. With an unyielding passion for creativity, he has been a relentless force across various domains, including photography, productions, visual designs, event management, and brand and marketing consulting. His journey has been an embodiment of excellence, consistently delivering remarkable outcomes in each endeavor.


At present, he stands at the helm of Grishma Broadcasting, driving its vision to soaring heights as the Chief Executive Officer. With an exceptional track record in curating unforgettable experiences, Mr. Joshi is truly a maestro in events. Grishma Broadcasting has recorded new height under his management establishing huge entertainment brand named "Saptarang" (three season consecutively).


Today, we are presented with an exclusive opportunity to delve into the mind of this events virtuoso, as our Cinepati team engages in an insightful interview. Let's uncover the insights and inspirations that have shaped his journey and continue to propel Grishma Broadcasting towards new dimensions of success.



Q: Can you share with us the journey that led you to establish Grishma Broadcasting?


A: Certainly. My journey into the empire of event management was sparked by a deep fascination with the art of creating memorable experiences. Grishma Broadcasting was born from a vision to redefine the event landscape in Nepal. It was founded on the belief that events have the power to connect, inspire, and leave lasting imprints on individuals and communities.


Q: What sets Grishma Broadcasting apart from other event management companies?


A: At Grishma, our focus on uncompromising quality and innovation sets us apart. We're not just about organizing events; we're about crafting immersive experiences. Our team's dedication to perfection, our emphasis on creativity, and our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends create a distinct edge.


Q: How do you ensure that Grishma's events leave a lasting impact?


A: It starts with understanding the client's vision and then infusing it with our creative touch. Attention to detail is paramount. We meticulously plan every aspect, from conceptualization to execution. Moreover, our team's synergy and passion drive us to exceed expectations, ensuring that each event resonates with attendees long after it's over.


Q: Could you share some insights into one of your notable accomplishments, "Saptarang" seasons 1, 2, and 3?


A: Certainly. "Saptarang" holds a special place in our journey. It's a cultural odyssey that celebrates the vibrant diversity of Nepal through seven unique hues. This annual extravaganza weaves together music, dance, art, and tradition to create an immersive experience. Each season brought its own enchantment, uniting communities and fostering a sense of pride in our heritage.


Q: What role does innovation play in the event management industry, and how does Grishma embrace it?


A: Innovation is the heartbeat of the event industry. It's about staying attuned to changing preferences and pioneering new ideas. At Grishma, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. We constantly seek fresh concepts, technologies, and trends to infuse into our events. This adaptability allows us to create experiences that captivate and engage modern audiences.


Q: How do you envision the future of Grishma Broadcasting?


A: The future holds exciting possibilities. We're driven to continue raising the bar for event excellence. As technology evolves, we'll integrate immersive elements, taking events to new dimensions. Our goal is to be a trailblazer not only in Nepal but also on the international stage, leaving an indelible mark on the global event industry.


Q: What advice would you give to aspiring event professionals?


A: Embrace every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow. This industry demands resilience, creativity, and adaptability. Never stop refining your craft, stay curious, and never underestimate the power of collaboration. Remember, every event is a canvas to paint your creativity; make it unforgettable.


Q: Would you consider yourself a genuine entertainer or an adept event manager?


A: Absolutely, my role as an event manager in a pioneering company involves not only meticulous planning and execution but also infusing a touch of entertainment into each experience. While my primary focus is on ensuring flawless event operations, I do believe in engaging audiences through elements of entertainment, creating a holistic and memorable event atmosphere, which aligns with the role of an entertainer. So yes, I consider myself as an entertainer through event management.


Q: Could you share some insights about the upcoming projects that Grishma Broadcasting has in store? And how does the company plan to execute them?


A: Certainly, Grishma Broadcasting has an array of exciting projects in the pipeline that we are thrilled to bring to life. Right on the horizon, we have the much-anticipated event 'Soulful Rhythm: Nirnaya "NSK" Live in Sydney,' scheduled for August 31st, 2023. Following this, we have another crowd favorite, 'Star Cricket: Season II,' that will captivate huge Nepali cricket fans and audiences. What's particularly exciting is our expansion of events internationally. We're planning to take our signature events, such as Saptarang and Star Cricket, to international audiences in Australia and the USA very soon. These ventures signify our commitment to creating remarkable experiences that resonate across borders.


Q: Finally, could you share a memorable highlight from your journey with Grishma Broadcasting?


A: One highlight that stands out is when we orchestrated an outdoor concert that brought diverse communities together. Witnessing people from different walks of life united by music and shared joy was incredibly rewarding. It showcased the profound impact events can have on fostering connections and celebrating humanity.


Thank you, Mr. Joshi, for sharing your insights and experiences with us.


A: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for the opportunity to shed light on the world of event management and Grishma Broadcasting's incredible journey.